The important properties required in sealing compounds are that it can be applied without difficulty, are not unduly affected by temperatures variation,adhere strongly to the concrete,and resist any tendency to flow out of the joint under hot weather conditions or loss of resiliency during cold weather conditions.
Under certain circumstances some of the properties are less important that the others. Where the road or runway is not heavily cambered, a lower value of resistance to flow may be accepted;in situations where loose grit is never present in quantity on the surface.


Hot applied sealing compounds are intended for use in sealing joints in concrete roads,runways,bridges and other structures.


Joint sealing compounds composed of suitable mixtures of materials,shall form a resilient and adhesive barrier in concrete joints and shall be capable of resisting the infiltration of water and the ingress of solid particles. They shall not be unduly affected by temperature variation, and shall resist the tendency to flow out of the joint or be picked up by vehicle tiers under hot weather conditions.
Heating of Sealing Compound should be carried out to the extent so as to achieve a pouring consistency enabling it to run molten in a uniform manner into all types of horizontal joints without difficulty.
Sealing compounds shall be employed for filling contraction and construction joints as well as a sealing medium above expansion joint fillers to a depth not exceeding 40mm.
Suitable primers may be first applied to the vertical faces of the concrete joint before the pouring of sealing compounds in order to improve the adhesive qualities of the latter.


This standard covers two grades of sealing compounds:
a) GRADE A (Ordinary) and b) GRADE B (Fuel Resistant)
Grade A is suitable for use in concrete constructions other than those which are subjected to spillage of kerosene or other petroleum oils.
Grade B is suitable for use in construction where resistance to kerosene or other petroleum oil is required.


Estimation guide for joint Sealing Compounds required per 100 meters running in kg. of 25mm depth is as under:
12mm 40kg.
18mm 60kg.
25mm 80kg.
Consider 5% wastage during application.
Primer coverage approx 0.91trs.per 100 running meters for 25mm depth of joints