It has been universally agreed that preventing of heat losses on steam plat and other heated surface is a must. Similarly, it has become necessary to keep out heat pertaining to refrigerated and other cold surfaces. Progressive engineers are in accordance with and have accepted that only effective and efficient insulation can control the economy and high operational costs. Therefore, insulation materials used today are light, porous and tend to absorb moisture. On the other hand, if a high degree of efficiency is to be maintained, the insulating materials should be kept dry.

After due deliberation engineers the world over, have concluded that insulation and protection cannot be overlooked. The ideal protection materials today recommended today are jointless and impervious to moisture. Above all they should possess a plastic like quality to resist cracking due to vibrations and temperature variations.


KOTE TYPE - 1 has been formulated specially to meet the above requirements.

It is a water bound emulsion processed from suitable grade of bitumen. During the application of this product, it forms a tough surface within 24 hours (depending upon climatic conditions) and renders adequate protection against moisture and accidental damage. Because of its plasticity, it can resist cracking caused by movements or temperature changes. It is an ideal and economic method of providing long term protection to exposed insulation, besides preventing of steam losses.


outstanding quality of kote Emulsion is the drying from inside so that the evaporation of moisture is outward:

  • Continuous, jointless surface over entire insulation.
  • Impervious to moisture and perfectly weatherproof.