Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane


Hydrostop is a new generation POLYMER MODIFIED bituminous waterproofing membrane consisting of non-woven polyester core suitable for wide range of applications. The non-ageing property of distilled bitumen and special property of selected bond of polymers yield superb quality waterproofing membrane. The special multi layered design of hydrostop works like a monolithic system which provides superior pliability, tensile strength, workability, and capacity to withstand the extreme climatic conditions.

The middle core is protected on either side by a high quality Polymeric Asphaltic mix with properties of high penetration, high heat resistance and high softening point to make it ideal for waterproofing purpose. It delivers high bonding strength with substrate and a strong adhesion between overlaps. The Polymeric Asphaltic mix is shielded on either side with thermophilous HMHDPE film. This helps in the thermofusion process and also strengthens the non permeable quality of the entire membrane. The resultant membrane has high elongation to absorb all structural movements. It also possesses high tensile strength and is highley flexible and pliable to adapt to contours. Hydrostop can be obtained in thickness of 3mm,4mm,wt.3.5Kg &4 .5Kg.It comes in rolls of 1Mx 10M, with plain or grit finish.


Black finish with micro-perforated, Heat fusible polyethylene film on both surfaces. Also available with mineral finish on top.


Characteristics Requirement Test
Softening Point °C 150 ASTM D36
Penetration at 25° C 20-30 dmm ASTM D5
Cold Flexibility 0° C No cracking ASTM D 412
Tensile Strength(N/5 cm)   ASTM D 412
a) Longitudinal 650  
b) Transverse 450  
Elongation at break(%)   ASTMD 412
Longitudinal Min 45 ASTMD 5147
Transverse 50  


Hydrostop is the ideal membrane for use as.:
  • New generation waterproofing membrane on Roof-Top for guaranteed water-tight seam.
  • Basement waterproofing for stopping capillary action.
  • Promote binder adhesion and cohesion to mineral aggregates.
  • Podium waterproofing.
  • Specially designed for waterproofing light weight,auto-calved, cellular concrete slabs roof surface (Siporex).


  • Stress Absorbing Membrane(SAM)
  • Total impermeability for complete waterproofing.
  • Good bond ability and seam integrity.
  • Stability at high ambient temperature.
  • Good performance at broad temperature range.
  • Good flexibility.
  • Compatible with all normal roofing and building components.


The application of HYOROSTOP is both easy and quick. The surface to be waterproofed must be clean and free of dust and generally even. A coat of Bitumen Primer is then applied @200-250 gms/m2 and allowed to dry completely. HYOROSTOP is then applied by torch-on method by the trained applicator. The rolls are lined up and spread open over to the area to be waterproofed with proper side laps and end laps. The membrane is then rolled back without changing its orientation, it is unrolled once again and the underside is evenly and is heated evenly and sufficiently (torched) to cause surface softening. Press the membrane from above and inside-to-out ensuring that there is no entrapped air & there is proper adhesion to the substrate. The lap joints should be heated from the top to produce a thin bead of molten bitumen at the seam, which should then be smoothened out with a hot trowel, ensuring a properly welded joint.