Concrete Bridge decks are notoriously difficult and expensive to maintain because of water penetration and wide temperature fluctuations. Inspection of bridge deck surfaces usually reveals wheel ruts, asphalt fragments and concrete damage.

ASPHALTOSEAL® has been used as a barrier between the concrete and the blacktop to minimize the difference between the temperature response of the two materials. Additionally, heavy traffic, such as loaded trucks, will cause a bow wave, analogous to that produced by a ship moving in water, on the surface of even a rigid concrete bridge which again, adversely affect the surface quality of the deck.

ASPHALTOSEAL® can aid substantially in bridge deck surface maintenance. Initially, the deck must be cleaned down to the concrete when it should be inspected for damage from salt treatments. The concrete is then sealed to prevent further salt penetration, after which the membrane can be installed using a special Primer Primer which affords a good adhesion of the membrane to the concrete deck- which provides a 100% water seal and at the same time allowing gases in the concrete to escape.

A base asphalt is then laid on top of the membrane according to local specifications. This in turn is covered with a draining asphalt with open stones to minimize slippery conditions caused by rain or wet surface.

Comparable procedures with ASPHALTOSEAL® can be successfully applied when water sealing underground tunnels and pedestrian subways and many other applications